The Region of Ryn-Drea

The Story Begins…

Our heroes begin their adventures in the land of Ryn-Drea. A region rife with instabilities and power struggles.
Most cities and villages had kept to themselves in the past and respected others’ laws and borders. There was little fighting among civilized towns and people were mostly concerned with local going’s on. Not long ago however, perhaps 50 years ago, common dangers turned more deadly. Threats to the towns increased in both number and size. Small towns were being wiped off the map without warning. People began to worry. Fighting between towns increased as they were forced to compete over resources and shelter. Mercenaries and hoodlums became a necessity for protection from the looming threats of the region, and with them came increased crime and debauchery. All was not well.

People were concerned that things were taking a severe turn for the worst, and some of them were determined to put an end to the downward spiral society had taken. The humans, being the most headstrong and forward thinking were the first to act. The Overwatch was formed. An alliance of human governments aiming to unite the region’s towns and cities against the dangers of the land. Their goal was a lofty one, and they were determined to accomplish it. Many were eager to join the unified military and push back the darkness that had enveloped the region. In a short time they had built a large military and unified most of the region under the Overwatch government.

Their success came at a price however…
They had expanded quickly and forcefully. Those who opposed the unification were not dealt with kindly and the Overwatch swiftly made many enemies. The military also expanded too quickly for the Overwatch to control it properly. The mercenaries and hoodlums whose services were no longer needed by the towns became soldiers, but that didn’t stop their underhanded methods. Without proper leadership the soldiers took matters into their own hands, and gained a reputation for being barbarians and bigots. Humans were treated relatively well, but others were given a mistrusting gaze. Eventually, the other races had had enough…

Thus The Coalition was formed.
Beginning as clandestine meetings among leaders of oppressed races, the Coalition quickly grew to be a formidable opposition to the Overwatch. The Coalition fought to bring equality to the region and stop the human oppression. Each race who joined the coalition was recognized for their unique set of skills and abilities and granted a unique position among the Coalition members.

Though they preached peace and equality however, they were not perfect. Several generations of mistrust and hatred were not easily forgotten. Several extremist splinter groups began making guerrilla attacks on Overwatch troops. Civilians were often caught in the crossfire, and the Coalition quickly gained a reputation for being radicals and savages.

While the Overwatch eventually gained control over its military and the Coalition put a stop to the extremist groups’ tensions still run extremely high and neither group trusts the other. Whispers of war constantly dance among the lips of the land, and the darkness looms in the distance… Only fate knows what is to come of Ryn-Drea.

The Region of Ryn-Drea

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